Huzzah…….and all that jazz.

Happy anniversary to me! I’ve been on WordPress for four years today! Although I have been blogging since the Yahoo 360 days, I really enjoy WP as a forum. So Huzzah!……..and all that jazz.

I’ve been seriously lax in blogging. Never in writing. I always am scribbling something somewhere, but sometimes it just doesn’t make it here. It’s been a bananas couple of months for  my health, so keeping up here fell to the bottom of the totem pole in things that mattered.  You know how that kind of thing goes.  So in the interest of history, nostalgia, and lets face it , sheer laziness, here is a post from a long time ago. Huzzah. Heehee.


I’ve never been what you call the best housekeeper in the world. Now don’t get me wrong , my house is not “NASTY”. There is a difference between “NASTY” and “CLUTTERED”. We are cluttered. My friend Laura from my lupus page calls it CHAOS syndrome. Can’t Have Any OneOver Syndrome! She couldn’t be more right!! But somehow with my disease keeping the house Southern Living beautiful just fell WAAAAAAY down low on the totem pole of things that I was worried about. I tried to be concerned about it when I first got sick. I ran myself crazy , and ended up hollering at my children AND my husband, and turning myself into a person I didn’t like very much. Sure the house got clean, the floors were spotless, and all the laundry was done. But , I was this fried up shell of a thing. I wasn’t a Mom. I wasn’t a wife. I was ROBOcop of the cleaning force. “Did you drop this piece of cereal?!?” or “WHOSE CLOTHES ARE THESE IN THE FLOOR OF THE LIVING ROOM?!?!?” And the bad thing is , all that stress is SUPER BAD for my lupus. ANY small trigger of stress can cause a flare, and I was stressing over who left a Cocoa Puff on the counter?!? REALLY?? So something had to change. I couldn’t keep that pace up for sure. My husband and children couldn’t keep it up with me either, lol. So I had to decide DID I REALLY CARE that there were a few dirty clothes on the furniture? Was it really so AWFUL that the neighbors SAW a few unwashed dishes on the dining table when they dropped by? I finally decided that , “You know what ? NO. It’s really NOT that big of a deal.” And if they DID have something to say, were they REALLY my friends to begin with? Wouldn’t REAL friends have things to say like, “We realize you’ve been horribly ill, can we help with you housework somehow? ” So. I’ve decided that there are WAAAAY more important things in life. And that all this stuff will still be here when I feel better, and if I don’t feel better , than it’s probably not that important anyway. So think about it , if you’ve made non essential things, ESSENTIAL, maybe it’s time to rethink, re-do, just generally RE- ORGANIZE the way you have your cleaning schedule. After all , if it’s ONLY clutter and not NASTY, its really NOT that big of a deal compared to your health. So take your mental, physical and emotional health into account , and just LET IT GO.  There.  THREE of the most freeing words in the English language.