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Do You Have Enough~

Enough.   That’s quite an interesting word isn’t it?  Makes a whole lot of the world go ’round . Or people think it does.  Enough of a house , enough of a car, enough things, enough clothes, enough popularity, enough money, enough friends, enough of the newest gadget.  They spin their wheels , and use up their bodies tryin’ to get ENOUGH of all the “stuff” I just listed , because they’re so sure that it will keep them up with the Jones’ or the Smiths’ or whoever is at the top of the leaderboard these days. Their children pick up on this greedy attitude , and so they become unhappy with the things they have and begin to holler for more of what they already have . It is never Enough.  But I have learned a secret , and many others have learned it too, not one bit of it will be “enough” when you do not have your health, or you have lost your loved one.  The largest house, the most expensive car, the best tailored clothes, the biggest group of friends, that newest iPhone. It is a harsh truth , it is not ENOUGH. Your hands can be full, and empty at the same time.  The storms that passed through our little community took a terrible toll .  Look around your life and realize that you probably have enough. And let’s all think before we ever complain again.  My prayers go with those who are hurting.  ~ Ruby Jeanette


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