I would like to start this post by saying, that ANYONE who knows me, knows I don’t get offended easily.  Pretty much anything , anybody says, just rolls right off my back.

However, I just recently read an article , with MEMES to go along with it, that just totally rubbed my fur the wrong way.

And once you read it, I am fairly sure you will feel the same way.

To start this off, I always thought the idea behind childbirth was to have a HAPPY, HEALTHY child. One for the parents to love, and one to love the parents.

WELL, this fella ‘ here has just set childbirth, and childrearin’ back 100 years and caused a great deal of unhappiness between women. When you read it , you will understand, and be just as outraged as I was.  Seriously, this man is half a bubble off of plumb, a donut short of a full box, and as my Daddy would say, “His bread’s in the oven , but the gas ain’t on. ”  The word chauvinist doesn’t even BEGIN to cover it.


Because apparently , those of us who had C sections are INFERIOR.


Because , apparently, we didn’t REALLY LOVE our babies, we are just selfish for making  different choice.


Because apparently , we’re just drug-addled women , who are lazy and chemically dependent.

So we have no business having doctors interfere in the “natural” process of birth, even though our children came early and would have died without medical intervention.  We’re just lazy like that.  Needless to say, I refuse to feel sorry for my childbirth experience , as my sons are 16 and 14 and are completely healthy , despite the fact that (SHOCK AND HORROR!!!!) they were both born by Ceasarian section.

So perhaps there is hope after all!

5 thoughts on “BACK TO THE CAVES WE GO~”

  1. If many of the so called “modern men” had their way we would never had got out of the cave, of course that is where they reside. I was not surprised and probably a lot of cavewomen feel the same way. Someone was posting the other day about the US needing a revolution, I feel that we need an evolution. Glad you wimped out and had 2 healthy children! Ignore him and maybe he will go away.

    1. Thank you so much for your insightful comment, Time Traveler! It’s good to know I’m not the only one who thinks this is a wholly ridiculous idea! So glad to see that my children “wimped out ” with me, and went the healthy way instead! Thanks again! ❤

  2. Who ever wrote this hateful bullshit about c-sections is a ignorant human being!!! Did you every take into consideration that me and my baby’s heart where failing and they chose to rush me into emergency surgery then send me and my son home to die!!! I can’t even believe to stupid people that are allowed to give there opinions these days. Wake up retard!

    1. Isn’t it crazy?? We are no less mothers than those who gave “natural birth”. Some people will do anything to make themselves superior to others, and it’s kind of sad.

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