I want to take today to wish my oldest son the happiest of sweet 16’s. We are so very blessed to have him in our lives and think everyday how lucky we are that the doctors had NO idea what a fighter he was. When he was born at 32 weeks, prematurely and as blue as a smurf, the doctors told us, “He will die.”  then they told us, “Well, he may live but he will be brain damaged. He will never walk, talk or read. He will never be like other children his age.”   But they don’t ALWAYS know. He is 16 today, and walks, never stops talking, and loves to read. He drives his Momma around , has a “friend who is a girl” LOL   🙂 and is going to graduate this year and get “a real job”.  Some people would say that their children were lucky to have THEM for parents, but I know that it is I who is lucky to have had my boys in MY life. I am a much better person than I ever would have been without them . Happiest of days today sweet son, and always. We love you!! ❤


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