A Happy Tale ~

I’ m  celebrating an anniversary of sorts. Today I celebrate 3 years of blogging with WordPress. I’ve of course been blogging a lot longer , under various forums, even going back so far as YAHOO 360.  I’ve been writing my whole life, it seems in some way shape form or fashion, even if I had to pen my stories in my dear sister’s treasured coloring books. She used to get very angry with me for marking up her perfectly lined pages. I learned to read AND write when I was barely 4 years old , and since then I’ve not been able to keep my thoughts to myself! The library was my best friend growing up, and at last count, I’ve read almost 10,000 books so far at this point in my life.  So even though this is a article on the joys of writing and reading , it shall heretofore be short, for I am tired, and my hands and mind are weary.   So for tonight, I bid you adieu!  🙂


There Was a Little Boy~


Today I want to take time to wish my youngest son , a very “Happy Birthday!”  I have been so lucky to have him in my life, because after our first son, they told us we most likely would NOT have any more, due to my health.  He is my “BONUS” baby.  🙂  He and his brother have such a special relationship , too.  I have had so many people ask, “How do they get along so well?” and my answer has always been, “They are each other’s best friends. ” They were born exactly two years, two days and two hours apart. His brother told everyone that Denim was HIS baby, and that little two year old boy fed his brother, held him, and protected him from all harm.  Denim has grown into such a smart kid, with huge blue eyes and a off-beat , quirky personality.  He has deep philisophical conversations with me, and is very compassionate. We are so happy to call him ours, and can’t wait to see what he makes of his life.  We love you blue-eyed sweet one!  Happy 14th birthday !  ❤



I want to take today to wish my oldest son the happiest of sweet 16’s. We are so very blessed to have him in our lives and think everyday how lucky we are that the doctors had NO idea what a fighter he was. When he was born at 32 weeks, prematurely and as blue as a smurf, the doctors told us, “He will die.”  then they told us, “Well, he may live but he will be brain damaged. He will never walk, talk or read. He will never be like other children his age.”   But they don’t ALWAYS know. He is 16 today, and walks, never stops talking, and loves to read. He drives his Momma around , has a “friend who is a girl” LOL   🙂 and is going to graduate this year and get “a real job”.  Some people would say that their children were lucky to have THEM for parents, but I know that it is I who is lucky to have had my boys in MY life. I am a much better person than I ever would have been without them . Happiest of days today sweet son, and always. We love you!! ❤