Some of my art. Colored pencil, pen and ink, marker, and digital.  Image Copyright. Ruby Jeanette Woods. 




Here be dragons,

long and lean,

bold of heart,

not craven , mean.

Here be dragons,

warm of soul,

strong of mind,

wise and keen.

They guard their treasure,

not gold nor gems,

but scrolls of wisdom,

words of men.

Here lies wealth of a different sort,

books and tomes,

from every port.

Come learn what every page does keep,

while under the wyvern’s wing you sleep.


Ruby Jeanette Woods


2 thoughts on “HERE BE DRAGONS~”

  1. I love the poem and you have a real gift with your art. It’s kind of interesting, I am writing a story for a nice family for Christmas about how the kids find a rock that turns out to be a Dragon egg. Their Dragon will be gentle and kind.

    1. How fun! I have always found that in my imagination dragons were kind , wise and heroic. Not scary and terrifying. Something to admire, a friend , even. I think I would like your story as well! Thank you for sharing, and reading my poem too!

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