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 My big brave boy. He never complains. I mean NEVER. He has lain , sawn asunder in the CARDI unit of ICU in ACH. 1425703_574474442625233_565914935_n He’s had so many horrible things happen to him in his life since he came into this world as an emergency delivery , blue as a smurf, not breathing, the doctors taking him by my head for a few brief seconds . He came 2 terrifying months early , because my body was killing him, unknown to us at the time, I had systemic lupus erythematosos which decided that my son was a alien creature deserving to die, and so it was starving him of oxygen , and destroying his heart. They told us he would almost certainly die, definitely have brain damage, and NEVER be normal EVER again. He would never READ, or WRITE, or WALK or BE like the other children. IF we WERE LUCKY to KEEP him with us at all.  So began a journey of proportions that my 19 year old mind had never anticipated. I only knew he was mine, and I loved him beyond all reasoning, and was going to fight with all I had to prove the doctors wrong. He was BEAUTIFUL. And something in my childlike faith told me he was strong. They told us, he will need at least 2 months before he can eat on his own and leave the hospital. He ate on his own in a week and left in TWO.  He got his 1st pacemaker at 9 months old,  said his first words during that visit to the hospital and nearly gave the nurses a heart attack. He could climb out of his crib at 10 months, and so we had to dismantle it, so he could sleep on his toddler mattress on the floor to keep from hurting himself. And although he had round after round of pneumonia, bronchitis, viral infections, and endless sicknesses, he knew all his colors at age 18 months , had a huge vocabulary and could hold conversations with adults that astounded them. When time came for him to test for school, he tested well into above average level, so those doctors who said , He won’t make it, he’ll die, and IF , we say IF he lives, he’ll be brain damaged beyond repair, I defy them to look into the green eyes of my big brave boy .Three pacemaker surgeries later, he now he takes apart lawn mower motors with my Dad, can see things mechanically , and digitally on a computer that my brain can never comprehend, and I know, KNOW without a shadow of a doubt, that there is a God , who has a higher plan for him , who that day when those doctors said , He will die, said , You are Not the MASTERS here, and I have never been more glad.  

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