About Me~, Poetry

Sticks and Stones~


I’ve never really understood,

the cruel things people say.

Like swords in a duel they dart,

slide in the blade and walk away.

You’re ugly, fat, 

you’re old , unwanted , used,

people left there in the wake,

bleeding, maimed and bruised.

And yet they smile to others,

as if they’d never sinned, 

perfect masks held in front,

though I see the places where they’ve thinned.

Sticks and stones , proclaimed so bold,

and words will never hurt me,

A greater lie was never told, 

for words leave a pain unearthly. 

So mind the poison told in verse,

from those you think your friends,

sticks and stones might never hurt,

but words will be the end.

Ruby Jeanette Woods

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