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artist : Ruby Woods
artist : Ruby Woods

I’ve never been a wealthy person. Never will be I don’t imagine. Money just doesn’t really mean anything to me. I mean I guess really, what is money anyhow? Paper that someONE decided was worth something. I could honestly say if I won the lottery tomorrow I can’t think of a single thing I’d buy myself. I have everything I NEED. Now I might pay off my bills, THAT would be nice. But I’ve always considered my single greatest source of wealth the people I’ve had in my life. See, ever since I was little, I’ve been labelled as what you might say generously as eccentric, not so generously as the odd duck, even less generously as odd, and downright meanly as just plain weird. I drew, painted, wrote poetry, was generally in the middle of some discussion about something I was thinking that left most people just scratching their heads. I had the smell of dirt or paint or grease or something about my person at all times I’m sure. And now I seem to have a knack for attracting those who are shall we say , differently framed of mind. Artists, free thinkers, or as my husband so succintly summed it up , “You my love, are a kook magnet.” I was raised very unconventionally for the time, my sister and I were home schooled at the time when that was NOT an accepted thing to do. We had access to museums, art, the library , basically unrestricted, I rode horses and lived like a wild faerie in the outdoors coming home looking like a strangeling. My Dad being the intelligent person that he is , saw that I needed direction and so he took me to the woods and taught me to hunt, about nature and wildlife, took me to his workshop and taught me to build things and tear things apart. My parents once got permission from the forestry service to climb the highest forestry tower in the dead of night simply so we might watch Halley’s Comet pass by in all it’s glory. So I suppose it’s no surprise that when I’m out and about now it seems as if certain people gravitate to me. The slightly odd, the misfits, the people whom most people make want to look the other way. I find they have the best stories, they tell them whole heartedly, their hands moving , living in only the moment they are right then. So if this labels me as eccentric or odd, then I accept this label gladly. I am proud . And what is a few hundred folded sheets of paper in comparison to that? No, I say. I am indeed wealthy beyond words.


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