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Ahh! The Smell of Car Grease in the Morning!~

My Grease Monkey
My Grease Monkey

He got up at 6 am today. Black hair all tousled. A little groggy, but excited. He hurried to feed his dogs before his Dad took him for his first day today. I heard him fly out the door with a ByeMomLoveYOUSeeYouLater! He came home about four hours later for lunch, talking so fast and so excitedly , I thought I was going to have to tranq him to be able to understand him. What in the world could have my 15 year old son so excited? Why his first day on the job! What kind of job is he doing that could possibly have a teenage boy THIS wound up? Video game creator? Movie Star with a million dollar paycheck? Nope. Overhauling a go cart motor with his GrandPAW. Just a few hundred yards up the road. He came in for his lunch, just chattering! Mom!Me and PAW we took the motor and heads and crank rods and bolts and then a man came and we got to look at a lawnmower and we worked on it too and I mowed and I got to use all kinds of tools and Paw said I could use the big wrenches and then Paw let me look at all his big glass antique bottles and then he said we’d go to the part store and then he said next time we’d get the parts we needed for MR. Jerry and then and then and then and then and then…………….LOL . And LOOK!! My hands are SUUUUUUPPPPER GREASY!! That ‘s the best part!! You’d have thought he was two years old again and I’d given him that old radio to tear apart to see what was inside. I guess little boys never really grow up. They just get bigger toys.


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