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fairy to color

I have kind of a weird habit. Well, I mean there are those who know me who would say I have more than one, 🙂 but anyway . TODAY’s particular weird habit that I’m talking about is , I like to color. I’ve always been an artist, the smell of paper my aphrodisiac. Paints, pencils, charcoals, pastels, give me anything to make a mark on a blank space and I’m in heaven. But there is just something about Crayola crayons . That certain yellow and green of the box. The hefty feel of box in my hands when I got a new set. The excitement of opening them. That overwhelming odor of the newness of them. I’ve just always enjoyed getting a new coloring book , ripe for filling with my idea of the way the characters in them should look. The blankness of the princesses or flowers bringing all my creativity to the forefront of my brain. And imagine my surprise when I found out there was a company called http://store.doverpublications.com where you could order coloring books with such detailed pictures in them they looked like art you could hang on the wall! I practically drooled! There is just something so relaxing about picking out the right colors and filling in the spaces. Making it look just exactly so. It takes your mind and even your body away from whatever troubles you . It’s helped me through many, many hours with my chronic illness. If you ever feel stressed, here’s a thought, just buy yourself a couple of coloring books, a large box of Crayola crayons and sit down in a quiet place. It’s the cheapest therapy you will ever buy! P.S. The one at the top is a nice one to print and start with I think. ❤

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