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Well so much for me getting me here every day in January, *sigh*. January has not turned out at ALL like I thought it would. HEH. But then again, when does life EVER turn out like WE plan anyhow? It’s been kind of one of those whirlwind health months again. I HATE those. I ‘ve AGAIN been to neurology, cardiology, general practice, Emergency, hospitalized, and a new one for me sleepstudy. If you don’t know what that is , they hook wires up all over your skull, put two different types of sensors in your nose, two types of sensors on the sides of your throat, a band on your chest , a band on your stomach, and a set of sensors on each leg. They then watch you with an infrared camera while you sleep, and listen in while you snore, toss, turn or talk if you happen to do that too. Come to find out that my nightmare sleeping jags of 20 hours for days on end are caused by sleep apnea. On top of the fact that I have heart failure and don’t have good O2’s meaning oxygen saturation anyway, because of this sleep apnea I only am getting 80% oxygen to my brain and body at night . And apparently my body has become quite used to it, because it doesn’t bother to wake me up about it, for extended periods of time. They showed me on the screen after the test, that it took a a good stretch for my brain to decide that no air was a bad thing before I kicked my legs and woke my body up. So I get to go back and do another sleep study WITH a pressured mask on to get me set up with that , and see if this will fix me up. I guess the REALLY frustrating thing is , I’ve had heart failure for about 10 years now, taken God knows how much medicine, they ‘ve hospitalized me, done MRIs , Chest XRAYS, CTS, painful test, after painful test, hospitalized me, monkeyed with ALL my meds , I’ve done chemo, and literal $10,000 dollar a piece treatments, and not ONE of these doctors had the thought that ONCE, just ONCE that I might have needed AIR?!?!?!?!??? Good old OXYGEN?!?!?!? As my Daddy might have said, “Good Lord , the nuts are running the nut factory.” So not that this is going to CURE my heart failure OR my lupus , but it certainly is a HUGE stride towards seeing what’s going on with my body! Plus you know how I blogged that I felt as if my brain never shut off, that the thoughts continually went round and round, 24/7/365 , even in my sleep? Well, the funny thing is , NOW I have PROOF. They showed it on my brain wave reading. The nurse/tech told me, and I quote, “You have the strangest EEG wave sleep pattern I’ve ever seen . Almost freakish. I can’t wait to show it to my boss. I’m sure he’ll be intrigued. It’s like your brain never shuts off.” LOL 🙂 So it seems everywhere I go , I some weird test case, and people want to look at my file. Maybe I should start charging people to WATCH ME, LOL 🙂 (here’s to being the odd one out~ Jeanette)

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Well, it’s January . The start of a whole new year. People are busy making all kinds of crazy resolutions that they have no intentions of keeping, and are making their lives miserable by saying things like , “I will NEVER again, ” and “From NOW ON , I WILL…” blah de blah……when it is all a bunch of nonsense. What is January anyway? I mean you know really , if you think about it? That’s all man made junk anyhow. You could make new year resolutions in July , or September! EVERY day is a new day. EVERY day you can decide to NEVER again, or from NOW ON, it’s really just a mental thing. It has just never made sense to me, why, do people let the calender dictate so much of their lives ? Oh, it’s New Year’s ! Oh it’s Valentine’s ! It’s Christmas! Life’s too short for that kind of stuff really. If I’m with my husband out shopping and he notices that I want something, he’ll buy it for me. I used to say, but it’s not my birthday or Christmas! He’d say but we might not even be here come Christmas , and I have the money now. And when we had babies, and they were little, when they’d ask for a toy , and it wasn’t too much out of reach of our expenses , he’d buy it for them. People would say well what about their birthdays ? And he’d say, “Well, who knows what tomorrow might hold?” They didn’t seem to be too spoilt for it, it was more of a matter of , their Daddy felt like it’s only money anyway, and they are only little for a little while , why let the calender dictate WHEN he could make them happy? With illness in our family being the way it is, the months of the year have never meant to much to us. And when chances to make people happy come along, no matter how small, we take them. When chances to change our lives come along we take them, no matter what day or month of the year it is. Calendars are just pieces of paper after all, so live your life to the fullest no matter what square it falls on !

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The Best Food of All~

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FaceBook’s an interesting place these days. It’s funny because you can start a conversation with just one sentence and 5 minutes later literally people from all over the world are joining in with their opinions on what got said. Here in Arkansas we just recently wrapped up deer season . We live in LA ( Lower Arkansas) 🙂 and hunting and fishing is a way of life for a large majority of people here. In my family it goes back so many generations it is even traced in our family’s surnames. My maiden name WAS DEER. My husband’s name is WOODS. So quite literally it is in our blood. When I was barely big enough to walk my Daddy would put me in a sleeping bag and tote me into the woods, , prop me up against a tree, and let me sleep while he waited for the deer or squirrel to come by. I didn’t realize at the time , we didn’t just do this for fun, we ate wild meat like rabbit, deer, squirrel, because it was cheap, and we were not just the richest people in the world. The funny thing is we ate so well we never noticed. But back to FaceBook. We got into a conversation about the “RIGHT” way to prepare deer meat. Practically everyone said you must, you just simply MUST skin and soak the deer meat in ice and salt water for several days before pounding it tender and thin and cooking it. Well, my husband , myself and my family had NEVER heard of such a thing! My husband can clean and skin a deer faster than just about any person I’ve ever seen . He makes those fellas in the butcher shops look like amateurs, lol. But he’s had lots of practice. When he gets a deer and hangs it to butcher , he skins it, and quarters up the tenderloins . Then I’m cutting it up in the kitchen , pounding it flat, salting and peppering it, putting a little flour on it, and frying it thin and crispy . Pour a little milk, flour, and salt back in the pan, and stir. Making the thickest creamiest white gravy you ‘ve ever seen. Just the way my Daddy used to do it. So not only does it taste out of this world, to eat it reminds me of sitting next to that old oak in my sleeping bag, waiting for Daddy to say, “I got one. We can go now.” So many memories. Food for thought. Food for the body. Food for my soul.