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Thrown Outta’ the Village~


Okay, is it just me , or did it SEEM like Christmas started in September this year and should already be over? And is it also just me, or did the Holiday commercials SUCK in a big time way this year? I mean seriously , KMART? You think THAT’S what people want to see? I may NEVER get that image unburned from my eyeballs. I hate to sound like a Grinch, but I was ready for Christmas to be done at Thanksgiving. I normally REALLY love the holidays, and yes, I have been way more ill this year , than usual , but most of time I can squeeze a little festive cheer out for at least December, which includes my birthday AND anniversary by the way. But this time, I am just like, Oh, good gravy on a goldfish, let it be June of 2014 already. That way we are even past Easter but not yet at the 4th of July . I must be positively un -American or something. But I am sick of it. SICK. OF . IT. I just feel so monotonized by it all . Like being stuck on a terrible holiday ferris wheel. And I want off, but every time I pass the operator , he’s like , “NEEEEXXXXTTT UUUUPPPPPP HAAAAALLLOOOOOWWWEEEEN!!!!” and around we go again. It’s all I can do not to jump off the wheel and commit holiday suicide. Sheesh, Today’s Christmas Eve, and all I can find myself doing is counting how many days there are between Christmas and New Year’s and then how big a break between then and Valentine’s . I SOOOOOOOO would not have been a good pagan , what with all the festival going and what not . I’m afraid they’d have thrown me out of the local village a long time ago.


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