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Enter the DRAGON ~


I have not been nominated for a ton of things in life . I mean some of my writing of poetry has won awards. My blogging has never really been nominated for anything. My mom says she thinks I’m the bomb diggity , but what ‘s SHE supposed to say? Needless to say , my friend Krishnan over at the NAIR VIEW has nominated me for the DRAGON”S AWARD , she writes this totally weird, (in a good way!) wacky and wild blog about anything and everything , from the other side of the world, so here’s her link if you want to check her out, much love to Krishnan for this totally unexpected honor! http://wp.me/42AxN
Part of this award comes with a price , quite like standing in front of an audience and I have to share 7 things that other bloggers might not know about me. Now this is actually going to be really , really hard, because when I blog, I blog HONESTLY, as in “DUDE, I just sneezed and snot flew out my nose honest.” ( That just happened by the way.) But , I’ll give her a go.


1. I’ve never consumed alcohol, smoked a cigarette or taken illegal drugs.
2. I’ve read over 10,000 books in my life , SO FAR.
3. I’ve had basically everything you can have removed from your body surgically ,
and still live. (Internal organs,I mean, gross, but true.)
4. I have an obsession with counting the tiles in the floor of whatever bathroom
I happen to be in.
5. I am a bibliophile. If you didn’t figure that out by number 2 , my apologies.
6. I cannot stand the sound of Styrofoam scratching together. Kill. ME . Now.
7. I am an oddball, a little bit weird, kind of a kook, somewhat on the strange
side. If you did not figure that out from numbers 1-6 , my apologies also.

Now , let’s see since Krishnan has been so generous, I must now pass this generosity along and nominate some other bloggers for this honor! Muahahahaha, I almost feel fiendish, as I WANT to read the 7 things. Isn’t that awful? That’s the only reason why I want to nominate someone so as to read their 7 things? But here I coooooome!!!!

So for their astounding contribution to my world of reading, I don’t have a ton , but here we go,

http://lethargicsmiles.wordpress.com/ Lethargic Smiles /living life with chronic illness and a smile on my face

http://red4foxtrotbravo.wordpress.com/ Red 4 Fox Trot Bravo / My Journey to Set Foot on All 7 Continents

http://lupusadventurebetweenthelines.wordpress.com/ One Patient’s Positive Perspectives

So , I did it! Thanks so much Khrishnan! I don’t know why in the world you stop by and read my craziness but I appreciate it. For those who want to follow Khrisnan , I know I put the little bitly thingie at the the top but here is the whole shebang http://nairview.wordpress.com/


6 thoughts on “Enter the DRAGON ~”

    1. Thank you so much Professor, I am honored that you were hooked! That to me means much more than any nomination! I write for the pleasure of others, and myself , nominations aside . Even if no one else were ever to notice I am driven to write every day nonetheless, but I am glad you came by!

  1. I feel inspired by your positive spirit. That’s why I read your blog. I’d be mopping 7 ways to sunday, if I had all removable internal organs removed from my body. I wouldn’t get up from the bed, let alone right a blog. Also, it is nice to meet people from faraway countries that I’ve never visited, but heard a lot about.
    Oh! And,

    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha. LOL. LOLMAX. ROFL. XO. I made the same mistake yesterday, which is a weird and strange and fantastic co-incidence. But I’m not telling you what that mistake is. You’ll figure it out eventually.

    1. Let’s see it’s that you’re male and not female? I can never tell. Ugh I hate it if I did that . My apologies. 🙂 Thanks for being inspired , and for reading along. I am glad if I made you laugh , or even if you thought man , this chick is seriously weird!

      1. I’m weird too. I like weird people, and I look forward to more weird stuff from you. I take it as a complement when people call me a weirdo. 😀
        And yes, you did. I am, in fact, a male. No apologies necessary. I made a similar mistake myself, recently…

      2. Glad you’re not weirded out that I’m a weirdo , lol . 🙂 I don’t mind that people think I’m a kook. Thanks for the nom for the award again, that was fun!

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