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Ghosting Beyond~


I just watched this movie. I found it to be very moving. You can tell that Katai is a boy trying to be a soldier , just like his father , who just happens to be famous for being able to “ghost”, or feel no fear. But from the very beginning of the movie you can just tell Katai is eaten with fear. Fear he will never make a Ranger. Fear he did not do enough to save his sister. Fear he just isn’t good enough.
When they crash land on the Earth that’s been left for many years , and is now dangerous for people, and Katai must go alone to find supplies and the rescue beacon. You can almost feel his fear through the screen. He meets all kinds of challenges but is still afraid, until finally, he meets the huge alien beast that his father had been most worried that he would meet. Katai is wounded , as the alien passes over him to deliver the final blow , he hears his father’s voice deliver the words written above, and then suddenly , HE is “ghosting” beyond the fear, and able to kill the alien.
What struck me so much about this movie , AND this quote is that with lupus , I began to wonder how often have I been afraid of something for no reason? How often was it just a product of my imagination of the future, of what might happen? Something that hadn’t happened yet? Not living in the now? Yes lupus holds a VERY REAL DANGER, but fear cannot be ever present. I can be prepared. I can be trained , even , as a Ranger would be trained to fight, but I cannot allow fear to rule my mind. FEAR is a CHOICE . I choose to not let it rule me. It is NOT REAL. It is a product of my mind, and I refuse to let it take over my life. I will “take a knee ” when I am overwhelmed, but I will rise, to fight again.

2 thoughts on “Ghosting Beyond~”

    1. It really was good. But you just kind of had to look for the hidden meanings behind things, which I think most people don’t want to take time to do when they are watching a movie . They just want to be entertained. I thought it all in all it was well made.

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