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Treasures ~


He likes to find things . The smallest things. Things that most people wouldn’t even notice. Ever since he was able to toddle around his eyes stayed on the ground for fear he would miss some great treasure. An unusually colored rock, a pine cone, a jeweled beetle, dead and dried ,but with the colors still shimmering like emeralds in the sun. Acorns, “Can we plant these , Mommy? What kind of tree will they grow?” Dandelions, their wispy seeds made to share. “Here, Mommy, here! Help me blow!” Across the wind , to start new flowers for him to find next time. An arrowhead, an old nickel, a metal key. “What does the fit? Do you think if we find a box there will be treasures inside? ” Never realizing that he has already given me the greatest treasure of all, the gift of wide-eyed wonder , and seeing the world through his eyes. That even the smallest of things can be as valuable as gold behind museum glass, as long as they are held in a tiny hand full of love.


3 thoughts on “Treasures ~”

    1. Awww. I love that , Mary! How wonderful an imagination he has and how lucky you are to get to share it. Thanks for reading and liking my post. And for sharing your awesome comment!.

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