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Nothing On~


I need to get out of the house. Being stuck in here unable to get out and do anything has driven me around the bend. It is official. You know how I know? I now pay 100 dollars a month for 400 channels of nothing. There is absolutely nothing on the television! And I like a wide variety of things, not just one type of programming. I like mysteries, crime shows, nature documentaries, kids programs, good movies, music shows, British telly, I will even watch hunting, fishing , auto auctions, home improvement, craft shows, Westerns, even financial reports! I like cooking shows, and even opera! But here is what was ACTUALLY listed on six channels in a row on my DirectTV screen guide. In order , they were:
I Like Killing Flies
Turkey Fried Easy!
Hairy Bikers
Best Vacuum Ever!
More American Eats
I Used To Be Fat

Really!?!?! I couldn’t help but laugh! I thought about, “What if aliens landed on Earth , and were going to try to learn about our culture , from just these six channels?!?” We like to kill flies ,while eating turkey, fried easy. All of our friends are hairy bikers, who used to be fat , from eating more American eats, but worked it off with the best vacuum ever! I’m sorry! I just couldn’t help it, and this was just too good to pass up . Here’s hoping you have a great day everyone, just don’t plan on finding anything worthwhile on television.


2 thoughts on “Nothing On~”

    1. LOL, I guess not! I just couldn’t believe out of THAT many channels there was not ONE thing worth watching. So you are right , definitely, quantity, quantity, quantity.

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