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Washed Away~


Have you ever suffered from writer’s block? I’ve heard people talk about it. I know people say that they sit in front of the page and just can’t think of anything to write. I have to confess I suffer from something sort of like that . But I call it writer’s flood. I suffer from insomnia a lot . It’s as if my brain never shuts off. My physical body has a disease called lupus which makes IT totally fatigued, but my brain NEVER stops talking. If my physical body could keep up, I could probably write 24/7. I don’t know that all the ideas would be good, or even make any sense. But they never stop coming. It’s like having a never ending radio station playing in your head.Like being washed away. Stories, upon stories, with no breaks in between. It even happens in my dreams, which is why the quality of my sleep , when I get any ,is probably not that great, either. I don’t always remember all of them, a lot of them I do. Especially if it’s poetry, I’ll get up and write it down right away, for fear it might be one of the things that might escape me by morning. Sometimes it feels like a curse, and sometimes I fear it is my greatest blessing and that at any moment I might wake up and find it gone, the stories sucked away somehow, and that I will sleep the blissful sleep of those who know no dreams.


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