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Rotary Dial Telephone

It’s kinda funny. I’m really not THAT old. I’m just 34. Well, nearly 35. In December. But did you know that when I was little, we had a party line telephone? Do some of you even know what that is? It’s when you had to share your home telephone line with all the people on your road, so when you picked up, someone might be talking, and you could listen in on their conversations. Or you might have to say , “Aunt Lorene! Get off the phone, I have to call someone!” We had rotary dial.One just like the picture on top of this page. I can still remember our old number from the house where we were growing up. And NOT cordless, are you joking??? What WAS THAT?? NO. You wrapped the cord around your hands while you propped up in the corner, and talked or stirred your spaghetti on the stove. And when you left the house , if the phone rang, it just rang. You weren’t home, so people just called back later. There was none of this , “Well, call their cell phone.” People weren’t having conversations on the phone inside of the store, or a restaurant, or the doctor’s office. You didn’t go to the neighbors to visit and have people ringing your phone . You could visit with people and not hear rap songs , and country music going off everywhere. You didn’t see people walking around like zombies with their heads down shuffling. No eye contact as if everyone and everything were invisible around them. This was 20 some odd years ago, and it bothers me. It really does. When did these 5×7 boxes become so important? I have one I admit. But I don’t take it with me everywhere. I don’t leave it on in public places. It makes certain people mad in my life, because they can’t get ahold of me. But I just don’t like the whole idea of it. Makes me feel like as my Daddy says ,”I have a tracking DEE-Vice on me.” But seriously , it’s a tool. People are supposed to be important. But it’s supposed to be the PERSON you are in FRONT of at THE MOMENT , not the one ringing you in your pocket.


6 thoughts on “Hello? Hello?~”

  1. Colombo would leave the suspects’ phone number with the police station, just in case they had to talk to him while he was investigating. The Columbo series ran forever, but I don’t think he ever got to using mobile phones.
    Anyway, this is a coincidence. I just posted an article on phones. Minutes ago. Literally. You should read it.. 😀

    1. I loved Colombo! He ALWAYS wore the rumpled raincoat, and his trademark line was “Oh, and just one more thing.” Peter Falk was a great actor, in many things, actually , not just Colombo. How funny that you just posted on phones! Great minds think alike Krishnan! Headed over to read your post now! 🙂

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