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sheldon cooper

I’m a people person. I like people . I mean, really. All kinds of people. Tall people, short people, but I guess I have to say I like weird people best. I don’t know why. It’s always been that way. I don’t mean it in a bad way. Not at all. If I call you weird, I really do mean it as a compliment. Offbeat. Not in the mold. Probably because I was the WEIRD kid. You know how , NOW nerds are cool, and shows like The Big Bang Theory make everyone laugh , and geeks are the “IT ” deal? Well, this was the 80’s . We weren’t the hot item then, folks. You wore the glasses and carried the bag with waaaaaaaay too many books than were acceptable, people were laughing alright , but not in a kind manner. If you could spout more facts about reptiles, or the solar system at age 7 than your grade school teacher, your popularity rating was not going to be up there with Kaley Cuoco. So I have a soft spot for the odd one out ya know. My husband actually calls me a kook magnet. He says if there is a weird or kooky person within a certain radius they will gravitate towards me. But, I don’t mind. They’ve got the stories , you know? I call it blog fodder. I mean sure, normies have interesting stories too, but if you want the great stories, the really fun things to write about , you have to meet the oddballs. So give me the unusual ones any day. I promise you won’t be sorry.


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