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In a Rut~


All things morph over time. People , places , houses, the smallest things in life, never remain the same. Even my blog has morphed over time. I’ve actually been blogging for about 5 years now , back when Yahoo 360 had a blogging service. I have copies of those posts somewhere too. I’ve always been optimistic, I’ve always written poetry. I’ve always been outspoken. Those things haven’t changed. I can’t say what someone from the outside looking in would say the changes have been, but if I had to say what the changes were in myself, I would say , that maybe I am more open minded. I am more compassionate, and less judging of others. I’ve learned to have more fun with things that happen , and to definitely find more humor in life. I would hope my writing has improved in the 5 years, but I couldn’t say that for sure either. Change used to be a really scary thing for me, I didn’t mind being in a rut. Ruts are comfortable. But I used to have a preacher friend of mine say that a rut was nothing but a grave with both ends kicked out, so I suppose graves are comfortable too. Since chronic incurable disease has come into my life, change has become an immutable part of my life. I never know what one minute, one hour , one day will bring. So you learn to morph or die. But really ALL of life is that way, and people don’t realize it. You have to change. You can’t sit still. I know people are really into zombie movies and all this prepping and survival and all that kind of stuff, but really all that is fantasy compared to day to day life. Day to day life is much more important . THIS moment is all we have. THIS second. So worry about the changes you can make in your life right this very minute, and we’ll worry about the zombie invasion later, k?

2 thoughts on “In a Rut~”

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your condition. I know what you mean, about ruts – they are like a miniature time machine – by the time you get out of it, years will have passed and you will have nothing to show for it – Enjoyed your article.

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