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Ugh, I haven’t posted here in forever! My body has just been on physical overload, while my brain has been calloused to the point of shutting down to the point of weeding out any non essential information. Between doctor visits, cardiology, rheumatology,etc etc, it has been kind of nutzoid. Last Tuesday , while in the middle of giving my doggie a flea bath , ( I know! I know!) I couldn’t help it she was so miserable, and the hubs and I felt so bad for her. Just digging and scratching! As I was standing next to the tub bathing her , my feet and legs started to turn purple, so hubs said go put them up! Which usually helps. But, THIS TIME……….right leg decided not to play fair anymore, turned the most noxious shade of purple , felt like someone was running over my leg with tractor trailer, over and over, and over AGAIN. Needless to say, I didn’t argue when the hubby offered to take me to the ER. I had a weird looking reddish purple black funky looking spot on it too. So of course the first things the nurses want to ask is that crazy quesion…..”On a scale of 1 to 10 , 1 being no pain and 10 being the worst pain you ever felt in your life? How would you describe it?” Well at this point I was tired, I was hurting, I was nervous, I was exhuasted. So I said “It’s not the worst I’ve ever felt , but it’sclose.” So he takes my vitals, and is writing, writing away on his little clipboard. Meanwhile the bp machine refuses to read my pressure and he asks if I’m sure about my pain level. Might it possibly be higher than I thought. SO maybe again between a 1- 10 how badly did it hurt? I was so very tired and things had just so piled up that night,so finally my non functioning brain~to~mouth~filter refuses to function and I said , ” WEll, I could kick you in you man junk, that would probably be about comparable.” Lord, I don’t know how I keep from getting kicked out of places like that. Needless to say after being in the ER for most of the morning and getting multiple shots, injections, IV fluids, medications, Xrays, and CT tests it was determined that I have a blood clot, a bit of pneumonia , and am basically just suffering from a state of physical exhaustion. Hopefully it’s fairyly easy fix. REST, REST, and lots of Rest. Wherever I can happen to find that. lol 🙂

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Love in the Time of Winter~

Love in the Time of Winter~

In an icen forest ,
inside a crystal grave,
beneath the ancient snowy trees,
a tiny fairy lays.
In frosted air above her,
brushing wings with glassine leaves,
snowflakes dust the branches,
as all faerie-kind does grieve.
For a summer fae was never meant
in wintertime to bide,
the northern King,thought love would be,
enough to warm his bride.
But the King’s brother did wish her heart to claim,
and when she did not turn,
he poisoned her with holly,
and left her with frost burn.
But justice is not lacking,
for the evil deed was seen,
a sprite was in the window,
but could not save the Queen.
The King’s brother we see frozen,
hung now from diamond thread,
he thought to win the Queen her love,
but now has lost his head.
So now forever sits the King ,
in the winter land of Fae,
to never love another ,
from the land of Summer’s Day.