About Me~, Poetry

Oak Grove~


I fell back into the spaces among the living,
for the dead held no place for me.
I do not wish for death,
although I walk between the gray granite stones of Oak Grove.
I simply do not seem to belong to one place or the other.
My body broken, ashen and tired, clings still to all that I hold dear
in this earthen realm.
My children, husband, friends and home
hold me close and need me yet.
I remain chained by limitations of this disease,
housebound for days, not seeing and not wanting to be seen.
Death is though ,such a finality ,
I am young, and not without hope.
Lest I be thought in danger , I do not crave this place.
I know I am needed, and to be needed is love ,wrapped in a want not recognized.
Youth and a wasted dream are just hard things to reconcile.
So, I shall settle for now, into the space between the stones. If there is one saving grace,
it is that here there is green, green grass on the hill beneath the oaks in the Grove.

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