Roosters in My Bathtub~



There are roosters in my bathtub,
and they’re splashing all about.
They’re frothing up the bubbles,
they’re hopping in and out.

They’re leaving three-toed foot prints,
up and down the floor.
They’re firing off their water guns,
at targets on the door.

I’m not sure how they got here,
or where they’ll go back to.
But roosters in my bathtub,
this simply will not do.

Ruby Jeanette Woods


The Greening~

Here’s a poem I had written a while back on my other blog , and decided I ‘d share it over here as well.



O’ the Faerie does the greening,
when Spring does come to pass.
She polishes each dew-drop,
to sparkle like a glass.

She flits through days unhampered,
in her rose-petaled balloon.
While gifting trees and flowers,
their many-coloured bloom.

O’ the Faerie does the greening,
’til Summer season does begin,
then in her airy study waits,
for Spring to comea again.

Ruby Jeanette Woods

About Me~, Poetry

Broken Fairy Tale~


It’s just a silly childhood rhyme,
we’ve all had a chance to say.
Something to deflect a sword,
that someone’s thrown our way.

“Sticks and stones
may break my bones,
but words will never
hurt me!”

It’s the greatest lie we ever tell,
that hurtful words don’t matter.
For I remember very well,
what was said, and how I shattered.

You never gave another thought,
to the pain that you had caused .
So busy polishing up your swordplay,
you left me, empty ,torn and raw.

Carried off from the field of battle,
in agony I realize,
what that shiny golden armor ,
REALLY hides inside.

Ruby Jeanette Woods