What’s It To You?~

Tell me what love is. That seems like such a simple statement doesn't it? Five words. If some alien species came from billions of light years away, and asked you to explain it what would you say? We all have so many types of relationships in our lives. Parents , children, friends, spouses, we even have relationships and feelings for places , animals, things. Do you have an idea in your mind of what makes up love ? If you had to think of all those relationships together, people, places, things, etc. that you love, could you pick out what it is about them that makes you love them? Is it one particular thing? I've wondered a lot about that lately. I'm not really sure why. I guess maybe all the extra time I've had on my hands. Or maybe being ill just makes you think philosophically. But, I think I may have laid my finger on what thread runs through all my "loves". I love "odd". The odd duck. The odd one out. The person not the most beautiful. When I was growing up, I was homeschooled, which was very odd at the time and that might have contributed to my love of the eccentric. I didn't mind having the nerdy friend , the overweight friend, the mental friend, although at the time, it never even dawned on me that they were odd. We just were who we were. I got a job and went out into the great wide world full of people even more odd then I had ever met before. The homeless, the mentally ill, the weird, the wild, and the wacky. I loved it. When I fell hopelessly in love with "the ONE" ~ he was a man 13 years my senior , who was introduced to me by a friend , and we had our first date at of all places, a nursing home. (For a charity band I sang with.) So, odd, and love just go hand in hand to me. The three -legged dog, the Gremlin lemon car, cast offs and the unwanteds, the vintage and the scuffed, the wrinkled and the old. Beautiful to me, and all of them to me, worthy of this thing we call love.

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