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All Thumbs, or Toes, or Something!~


I have never been what you call the most graceful person. You know that stage you hit when you are 10 or 11 and your body seems to be growing faster than you can keep up and you are all arms and legs? You stumble around, and bump into stuff. You trip over your own feet. The ground is flat, but you fall anyhow. Well, I never did grow out of it. Sucky part is, I didn’t even get the “growth spurt” to go with it! My husband sweetly says I am the POCKET version. But , back to the graceful part. I have whacked my not-so-funny bone more times than I care to remember,thumped my head getting in and out of automobiles, dented my knees on chairs, actually broken my foot, on the vacuum cleaner of all things, more than once, (same foot, same vacuum cleaner!) and as of yesterday , whacked my right four toes so hard on the coffee table that the two middle ones are now the color of coffee without cream, bent at a lovely angle, and the middle one is missing its nail. Needless to say, I was sorely tempted to turn the air as black as the toe , but refrained. Inexperienced people would be on the phone about now with their physician , but I, who seem to have taken small bone crunching up as some sort of extra -curricular activity know that they would only do with it what I have done, which is tape it , and try to keep pressure off of offended member. Needless to say, reporting for today, said toes do NOT really look OR feel any better, so I am sticking close to the sofa today. Positive point of that being , maybe I can’t injure myself any further from there! 🙂


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