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I ‘ve Still Got a Little~

Morgan Freeman Million Dollar Baby
Yesterday was POP for Lupus Day. That’s Put On Purple Day. I put my purple on , but I think my pop about pooped about before I did. I was feeling pretty good, overall, I guess. But, I may have overdone it when I decided that with the help of hubs and sons I would do the store. Well, that and the motorized cart. I don’t know why that is still exhausting , but it is. You would think that just sitting in the motorized cart and doing the shopping would not be tiring, but somehow it is anyhow. So, needless to say, I am not flying high today. Anywho. I spent the day trying to rest, and watching my favorite “fighting” movies. You know the kind of movies you watch to remind you , that you can fight on a little while longer, or maybe WHY you started fighting in the first place. I guess I ‘ll start off by saying what I watched last, and end up with what I watched to start off with. Switch it up a little.And this is kind of a long post today , but what can I say, I felt windy?( Don’t feel obligated to read it!) I ended up with Rio Bravo, you know good old classic John Wayne movie. Whole town against basically one man. Well, three men, but one ‘s a hopeless drunk, and one’s a gimpy old cripple. But hey the first one’s John WAYNE!! So , of course, it’s a great movie, he rides the horses, shoots the bad guys, kisses the girl , and saves the day. We fight on. But I’ll end off this blog posting with what started my “fighting session”. Million Dollar Baby. Now , Spoiler ALERT ahead. IF you haven’t seen this movie, then stop right here, ok? Ok. We’re good. 🙂 I both love and hate this movie. I mean anyone who’s seen it knows the reasons why. It kills you. You see Maggie, and Frank, and I just always call Morgan Freeman’s character the old man, even though I know that isn’t his name. You watch the movie and see a thousand little things , even though you don’t know how you notice them . You just know that you are noticing them. I mean the movie’s about boxing, you tell yourself, how important or emotional is this going to get. And it just sucks you right in, doesn’t it? But for me the most memorable scene in the movie was one that didn’t even have Frank or Maggie’s character’s in it. You know that scene near the very end of the movie, when the bully boxers are picking a fight with the boy Danger? And the old man comes from the bathrooms, and catches Danger just in time, before he hits the mats? He is just steadily encouraging that boy. Then he asks if he could borrow his gloves. Well, the old man used to be a boxer, big on the used to be. He’s missing the sight in an eye. He always told people he fought 109 fights, but always wondered if he had maybe had 110 left in him. Well, big bully boxer dancing around, taunting the old man, “Ohhhh, a retard , and an old man?” And the old man just knocks him right in the face and puts him out. Right on the mat. He lays there drooling. Blood oozing. Tooth falling out of his head. Old man says, ” 110.” So to me, the lesson almost through the whole of my “fighting session” of movies today is the one I learned right away from Million Dollar Baby. The one Danger learned, When you shouldn’t fight. The one the bully boy learned , That you CAN’T fight. And the one the old man learned, That you still have that ONE fight still left in you.


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