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Adventures in the Pawn Shop~

I don’t know why my husband still hangs out with me. I really don’t. I swear I AM trying to grow up. I AM. But , you know that filter that most people are born with? That one between their brain and their mouth? It keeps what you are thinking from just flying right out the front of your face? I DO NOT have that. 🙂
My husband took me out for Mother’s Day last weekend. One of the few days I actually felt like going anywhere. It was a really beautiful day, and we decided to go for a drive up around a scenic area we’d been to before. He took me to a little flea market type thing and bought me a Wedgwood vase, really awesome. So great day right? Heh. Enter ……..THE PAWN SHOP. My husband likes pawn shops. I like pawn shops. Great idea , you’d think. Jewelry. Trinkets. Guns. We’re just strollin’ around. Hubs goes down right-hand side aisle, I go down center. I’m looking at the really cool stuff on the bottom shelf. He’s admiring the vintage rifles on the right hand wall. All is well. Until………I look up. And from behind the counter, there is…….a pirate. With an eye -patch. And a vest. Sighting down a gun. And from out of my mouth flies the words……”Oh my GOSH, there’s a pirate in the pawn shop!!” Now I immediately clap my hand over my mouth and think , “Why did I SAY THAT?!?” The man is probably a war veteran! And I can practically hear my husband’s brain turning from over across the store, “I don’t know her. I swear I don’t know her.” But , it just totally took me by surprise , you know? The man had a vest, AND a gun, AND an eye patch! Now in my defense I DID apologize. A man in the other aisle did laugh. AND ,my husband said if I hadn’t of been so embarrassed I’d have heard the other man behind the counter say , “Watch out. He might show you his sword.” OMG.
Oh, well. Like my sister said , “Don’t feel bad. Just think how many people probably wanted to say that and didn’t.” or as my husband said, “It’s never boring around you, that’s for sure.” Maybe that’s why he still hangs out with me.


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