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Invocation from The 13th Warrior~

Lo, there do I see my father,
Lo, there do I see my mother,
and my sisters, and my brothers.
Lo, there do I see the line of my people,
back to the beginning.

Lo, they do call to me.
They bid me take my place among them,
in the halls of Valhalla!
Where the brave may live forever.

I am so very tired. This is a beautiful prayer for the tired I think. I am not an expert on Norse or Viking history and do not claim to be. This prayer is from the movie the 13th Warrior so of course is probably fictional and not an accurate depiction of a Viking battle invocation. But it does hold strength for the battle weary I think. Lupus has greatly sucked my battle strength lately , I must say. The Vikings were great warriors , of that no one can argue, I think. They built their lives, culture , and even their idea of the after life about battle. To die in battle was their greatest idea of honor. So if that is true, then I shall certainly go to Valhalla. Perhaps I have not carried a heavy iron sword, but I have fought long. I have not worn a helmet of iron , but I have worn chains. I have bled, and sweat, and even been many times to the point of death and yet still I am here . The Vikings/Norse have an alphabet of their very own with symbols. One of them is a marking that stands for , Where there is a will, there is a way. What could be more true in this fight, than that?


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