About Me~

Sun Worshiper~


It’s such a beautiful day here today! I love the spring and summer. I can’t really go out in it. Even before I found out I had lupus, I could not be a sun worshiper, as I broiled like the proverbial lobster. But I love it. I’ve always had a really pale complexion. I have black hair and very white skin. My sister is very pale also, but has gorgeous red hair. When we were growing up, we had an elderly neighbor who thought we were beautiful. She didn’t really understand that not being able to get a tan was not really the “in” thing , you know? In her day , we were what was considered the “cream” of the crop, no pun intended. She just thought we ought to be driving all the boys wild with our alabaster complexions. Needless to say, most people just thought we looked ill, I think. But we promised our Daddy we would not go and lay in the “cancer bed”, his term for the tanning bed. I can’t say I’m upset about it, if you’ve seen anyone who’s spent extended time in those I think he did us a favor extracting that promise. When I met the man who is now my husband he let me know that he was of the same mind. He is a fan of the “old-fashioned” look and doesn’t mind that I don’t tan. Actually , with my lupus, the sun is really not my friend. I jokingly tell people that I’m a vampire, and only go out after dark. ( You know, “The hideous light of the Daystar!! Hiss!!AARRGggh!!” Cue capes , and drama!) Jokes aside, being in the sun makes me physically ill. I get heart palpitations, my skin blisters and breaks out in terrible blister-type sores, I ‘ll get a rash, and if I’m in it long enough it will actually cause my lupus to flare internally with organ involvement such as bloodwork being elevated or kidney trouble, meaning no fun in the sun for me. So, I’m not Edward Cullen’s non-vegetarian cousin or anything. It’s just lupus, but if people don’t understand that about the disease , I can kind of make them worry about sleeping over at my house …….heh, heh…….. (I’ve come to suck your blood, bwhahahahaha!)


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