Benlysta Infusion #1~

Yesterday was my first Benlysta infusion! I was very nervous. I had heard good things, great things, terrible things, bad things, not so good things, mediocre things, and so on things. I didn’t know what to expect. The doctor seemed to think I was a good candidate. I did not respond to chemo at all this go around, so I am hoping that this will have some effect.
The hospital got it all set up, and we woke up early to arrive for my 8:00 am check in time. We checked in and got set up, and they called me back. To my surprise I got a pre-op nurse that I had gotten many times before for surgeries! Cindy. I really like her, and it made the day start off a lot less nerve wracking. She got my IV started and said that they have to mix the infusion right when you get there because the medicine is only good for 8 hours. They drip it according to weight so mine would only take 1 hour. They give you your own room, with a bed, television, bathroom, and everything. Chairs for visitors, so it’s very private. You have a call button, and they bring you drinks. I had Wi fi so I could use my tablet. I was told to expect nausea, vomiting or dizziness, but didn’t experience any of those. I did take a Tylenol and a Benadryl before going, and ate breakfast before hand. My arm felt very cold while receiving the infusion , but it wasn’t painful , just strange. I do feel very tired today! But , I felt exhausted yesterday, too, 🙂 so that’s not new! I don’t feel sick at my stomach today , so I’m hoping I don’t have that side effect. All in all, I have to say , I don’t feel WORSE, so that’s a huge plus for me. Anything that doesn’t increase the negatives, is a big deal in my life. Hoping that this marks a big step for me in the journey to wellness. Thinking of you all today , and as always , ((HUGS)) Ruby Jeanette


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