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All the Difference in the World~

All the Difference in the World~

He doesn’t know the difference between Aero and Old Navy.
He’s never worn a pair of skinny jeans, or cool skateboarding sneakers.
He never went to college and doesn’t have any fancy papers to hang on the wall.
He wears his Carharrts til they are all worn down.
He works 10, 12 hours a day.
Hot and greasy. Tired and dusty.
I’ve seen this man use a wedge and sledge ,
and cleave a log like butter.
But I’ve seen those same two gnarled hands hold my four pound son
with just as much tenderness as he has strength.
I’ve seen him take the time to show a little boy the difference between an oak and a hickory.
And where a dog best likes their ears scratched.
He doesn’t have all the newest “stuff”, or know the latest songs.
He wouldn’t be able to tell you about the best restaurants, or the finest wines.
But,he knows how to start a fire outdoors, catch a fat fish, and make dinner with it in nothing but tinfoil.
Maybe he isn’t trendy. Maybe he isn’t what the world considers great.
But he just might be a little of what the world needs.
And he’s certainly what MY world revolves around.


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