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When I Was Four~

When I was four~

It’s not fair. I don’t belong in this dress.
Stupid pink bonnet. Choking me with it’s girliness.
And a purse?
I can’t put my baseball and dead bugs in this.
I need my rolled-up Levi’s and Chucks.
I want so badly to pull away from this picture,
because it isn’t showing me.
I don’t want to look at it now, five years , or even ten years from now,
because all I see now , and will see later, is a stranger standing there.
I see my best friend Jack standing across the street.
He’s laughing at me, and doing his best imitation of a ballerina,
just to mock me.
He’ll see.
This pink coat won’t keep me from blacking his eye.
It’s not fair. I don’t belong in this dress.

This post was done in response to a writing challenge . The challenge was to come up with something based on this picture. So this was my interpretation of what was going on . Want to join in? Here’s the link about how to do it. This was fun!


5 thoughts on “When I Was Four~”

  1. I love this! You can see how unhappy she is in this picture, but with your words, I can see her stamping her feet and pouting even harder….and the image of the boy across the street made me laugh! Great job!

  2. This is funny…I wrote one about this picture too – with a boy I called my brother Jack watching as the photo was taken! 🙂 But in it, he wasn’t laughing at the little girl, he had a huge crush on her. So many interpretations!! I like this one, makes me laugh.

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