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Pixel Me Up, Scotty~

I was in the doctor’s office this morning, and had kind of a weird experience. I know that people talk about this being the digital age, and I know that brings certain advantages. Lightning fast communication , and advances that our ancestors never even dreamed of. But what hit me this morning was that no one was interacting with EACH other. Everyone had a cell phone, tablet, game device, and so on. It was almost eerie. As if I had dropped into some sci fi movie scene, where everyone was plugged into machines. I half expected Will Smith as Del Spooner to come barging in yelling at everyone that the robots had taken over. ( Now lest you think I’m anti-tech, or a hypocrite, I do have a tablet that I read books on , but only if there are no people in the waiting room.) My creep fest was finally broken by the arrival of an elderly man and his daughter in law. Even though you could tell he obviously wasn’t well, he had an amazing smile, and we struck up conversation. He wanted to know if I had early voted, I hadn’t . Neither had he. I found out his name, where he lived, all kinds of things. We talked like we were old friends, and the 30 minute wait just flew by. You don’t really get that from the digital universe. It puts up kind of an invisible barrier that keeps people out of your “space”. But , then again, maybe that’s the appeal to some folks. Myself, I find the “real” world much more interesting, and we all know how “I, Robot” ends up , anyway right? 🙂


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