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Christmas in October?!?~

I had to run to the local Dollar Store yesterday to get a few things, and I couldn’t believe it! They already have all their Christmas stuff out! Seriously? I can remember growing up that Christmas stuff didn’t get displayed on the shelves until at least after Halloween. One of these days I guess they’ll just start leaving it out in a special section of the store all year. Maybe I’m alone in feeling this way, but when you see it for 3 straight months, you just get sick of it. And I really LIKE Christmas. But somehow seeing jack o lanterns and Christmas trees in the same aisle is just a little creepy to me .Kind of like that Tim Burton movie, The Nightmare Before Christmas. I suppose it’s good if you want to get all your shopping done super early, but I’m never that prepared. I don’t know why it weirds me out, it just does. It’s almost as if it takes some of the specialness out of it or something. So, I admit , this was a totally random post, but just felt like I had to say something about it. Am I the only one who feels this way, or does someone else think it’s strange ? Give me a holler! 🙂


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