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The Joys of Boys~

I have to start this post out by saying, I am the mother of boys. This will go a long way toward explaining the rest of this post, lol! 🙂

We got a new pet today. Now first , let me say that, we already have 7 dogs, 1 cat, assorted chickens, 3 fish, 1 tarantula, and 2 lizards. So, we probably spend more money on pet care and food , than we do people care and food. My children love critters. And we live in the country on a small sized farm , so I can ‘t use the excuse, “We don’t have room.”
I was always the tomboy growing up, never interested in the girly stuff like dolls and makeup and such. I guess the Lord knew what He was doing when He gave me boys, cause I don’t know if I’d have known what to do with a girl. When I was little I was always coming home with a turtle, or a stray cat. I had hamsters, birds, dogs, horses, goats, chickens, turkeys, just about anything two legged or four, I loved it, so I definitely empathize with my sons about animals.
They were out walking with their Grandma this evening on the farm road, and came across another tarantula. Oldest son decides he needs it, and puts his hat over it , while youngest boy runs home to me to get an oatmeal tin to carry home their prize. I thought my mother was going to have a stroke. She asked me how could I stand it? Knowing that thing is in the same house as you?!? I guess I don’t ever really think about it. They stay in their aquarium habitats, and are really easy to take care of. ( Although, I must confess, I told the boys if it ever escaped , it was subject to extermination.) So needless to say, life around here is never dull. We never lack for company, or furry things to hug. And even though spiders aren’t exactly on my list of huggable things, 🙂 they’re interesting for sure.
So even thought my house might not always be spotless, or magazine perfect, I guess there is something homey about having the kind of house where a little boy can sprawl in the living room floor covered in licking puppies. I want my kiddos to have those kinds of memories to hold on to when they are grown. And I’m loving my little boy, furry, creepy crawly -filled life!


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