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Up and Down~

It has been a loooooong time since I last posted here. Ugh. I hate feeling like I’m slacking. But, I suppose some things must take priority over others at times. Lately my focus has been on trying to hold my body together , one day at a time. I really have not been well at all these last couple of months. After seeing my PCP several times, the cardiologist several times, and finally the rheumatologist, I may be on the way to finding out what’s going on. See we already know I have lupus with cardiac complications. Well, now, the rheumatologist thinks I may have something else going on, that he calls Wegener’s (vasculitis). Which from what I understand is an inflammatory conditon of the blood vessels, resulting in all kinds of wonky things going on in your body. Like extreme fatigue, weakness, pain, and not to mention kidney and lung failure. So , I got a bunch of labwork, a new prescription, and a large shot of Kenelog ( steroids). The plan is supposed to be ( when we get the labs back) that I will start some new oral medications to try to knock this junk down a peg or two. I may also have to have IV medications to start with to try to get it down to a manageable level. I am relieved in a way , to know what might be going on, but then again, hearing that I have ANOTHER disease attacking my body is not what you really want to hear. I guess it almost becomes numbing after a while. As in , you hear so much bad news , you almost don’t even react to it anymore. Sorry if this sounds negative today. It’s not meant to be really. I really just wanted to kind of explain where I’ve been for the last little while, so my readers didn’t think I’d abandoned ship! So, how ‘s the world been treating you all lately? Have you had your share of ups and downs too? I hope things stay more on the upside than the down for everyone! Here’s hoping it’s not another couple of months before I check in again………..((HUGS)) everyone!


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