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I Made It~ (to church that is….)

Well, I must brag on myself just a little bit. I made BOTH sets of church services today! Whoo-hoo! Now for those of you who might be new here to my blog, I will explain why that is exciting. (For me, anyway 🙂 I have been experiencing some not-so-fun effects of the lovely auto-immune disease I’ve got, called lupus. It has already attacked my heart causing all kinds of great things to go on , and NOW it’s decided that Hooray! Lungs sound good for a snack! Ugh. So bring on the chest pain, trouble breathing, and wheezing. So , anywho, needless to say, I have NOT been a very chipper camper lately, and haven’t felt much like going to church, ( go figure.) Which actually really sucks, ’cause I like church. I like going and seeing everyone, and getting a chance to visit with them, and just kind of recharge ya’ know? To kind of just sit down, and go “Aaaaaahhhhhhhh.” And when I miss that , because of not feeling well, it makes my world seem that much smaller. So to actually make two services in a day feels like a huge accomplishment to me! People who suffer from any type of chronic illness or disability will understand, I know. Hey, when going to the grocery store is GIANT check -mark on your bucket list , you ‘ll know what I mean. So, anywho, I have a cardi appointment tomorrow, which is kind of a drag, but what do you do? When the meds obviously aren’t working anymore, you have to switch it up. I just honestly hope I don’t get a whole big load of different things to add to my already lengthy laundry list of pills. Did that even make any sense? Lol….sometimes when I type something I have to look twice at it, to make sure it sounded like it did in my head. ( It’s a wild, wild, world in there, I’m tellin’ ya’. ) I guess this ended up really kind of a totally random post, but point being, I made it to church. So there. ‘Nite everyone!

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