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Ya’ Gotta’ Earn It~

I just read on YAHOO!news that the average allowance for an American child is $65.00 a month. That’s $16.25 a week. We’re talking middle-school age children. That’s the 8-12 year old set. Now, that was an average , so of course some children get less. But, that also means that some children get MORE. So my next question is, “For what?!?” The article mentions that they aren’t saving it, (DUH!) , so what does a pre-teen need with what amounts to a twenty dollar bill a week? I can tell you what for. JUNK. That’s right, I said it…..J-U-N-K. Wanna’ know how I know? I have an 11 year old, and a 13 year old. I’ll be right up front about it, too. They DO receive allowance. $10 a week per child. But , guess what. They have to EARN it. They each have a list of chores that have to be done in order to “get paid” on Friday. They jointly have to clean their room. One child takes care of the dogs’ care and well-being everyday, and one child takes care of the chickens. They both have to wash the dishes, and do their school work without complaint. IF they want an item that’s more than the $10, well tough noogies. They just have to save for it. Am I a mean parent? I honestly don’t think so. But before you judge, let’s not forget that in the real world, you work, or you don’t get paid. You do the work, and do it well, or you get fired. No job~ no money~ no groceries. If you want something that’s more than what you have at the time, you just have to save for it. When you grow up, as fun as it might be, in reality you CANNOT blow your whole check on video games. Do this long enough and you will find yourself in a serious state. I’ve had people tell me , “Well, they’re just little . You ought to let them just have that money.” Well, if I don’t teach them now, when will they learn? Heading out the door to their own home, thinking “whoo-hoooooo!” ? I don’t think you do your child any favors by indulging them in this way. They may be little now, but it is flying by , faster and faster everyday. I want my young ones to be prepared, ’cause if they’re not……..let me tell ya’ the real world will reach up and slap you smack-dab in the face.


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