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Agree to Disagree~

This is going to be a sensitive and controversial post. Let me say up front, I AM NOT writing this to offend anyone! I am not an in your face person, I am not a fanatic, and I support everyone’s right to their own opinion , no matter how different. Okay, with that being said, I posted what I thought was, a humorous story on FaceBook. It was about a scientist and God getting into a duel about creation , and who was better at it. God ends the conversation by saying the man must create his own dirt in order to start. It was meant to be funny. It was not meant to offend scientists. I do NOT have a personal vendetta against scientists. I do not wake up in the morning with the agenda of “How can I discredit scientists today?” I have always enjoyed the sciences and learning about the way the universe works. Nature, galaxies, even the smallest bug, it’s all fascinating. But, here’s the sitch. I’m a Christian. I believe in a literal 6- day , God created the world, and then He rested-type scenario. Why? ‘Cause the Bible says so. There ya’ go. But apparently, that makes me ignorant, narrow-minded, a fossil, biased towards scientists , and just generally an idiot. “Oh, but ALL the facts say that it couldn’t have happened the way the Bible says!” What facts? Can you get two scientific people to agree on a theory? They all have THEIR own ideas too! “Well, I think it happened this way!” “Oh, no, no, no. The evidence most assuredly points in the direction that I think!” , and that’s okay because it’s all “intellectual conversation” and they are “educated people”. But , you admit that you believe in the Bible and its version of Creation, and suddenly you’re a moron. Why is having a faith about something unexplainable so offensive? Why do they care? I mean , really , think about it. If I WANT to have an “irrational” belief , such as the ‘sky is green’, what am I hurting? So, I am not going to apologize for having faith in a BOOK that has helped me through a LOT more situations than “The Origin of the Species.” I’ll apologize for hurting your feelings , but NOT for how I think, or feel. It is still a free country. (For a while longer , anyway.)


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