Me, Myself, and I or ( Tell Me How Ya' Really Feel!)

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I had forgotten how much fun Plinky! could be. Today's question prompt was "What is your most favorite thing about yourself? "and "What is your least favorite thing about yourself?" Heh. Now THAT'S an interesting question! And the funny thing is , the answer to both questions is probably the same ! My favorite thing about myself is my outspoken-ness. I pretty much know what I'm feeling at any given moment, and I don't mind sharing it. I think the world could use a little more truth and a whole lot less "I was just being polite." As my friend Nan used to say, "Speaking the truth in love……;) But , my outspoken-ness can also be my LEAST favorite thing about myself. I sometimes speak without engaging my brain first. You know that filter that goes between your brain and your mouth? I don't have one of those. So sometimes, I hurt people's feelings. Even though I don't set out to do that on purpose. I have a really hard time hiding my feelings, although sometimes that would be a handy skill to have! So, if you don't want to know how I REALLY feel about something, don't ask! 🙂

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