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Home, SweetHome~

We just got back from our community’s annual family potluck dinner.Our little community is called SweetHome and it is. We had a really great time visiting, and enjoying all the dishes that everyone had brought. Slow -smoked barbeque brisket, molasses baked beans, pasta salads, all kinds of fresh canned vegetables, just- picked okra fried up crispy, lemonade ice-box pie, chocolate cake, and water from the artesian spring, ice-cold. It was good to see some folks we hadn’t seen in a while, and catch up. And meet some new people too. I can honestly say it was one of the bigger turn-outs that we’ve had in a while for the dinner. I think it’s wonderful . As the economy and things seem to be so unsettled these days, I notice in our small community, we seem to be pulling in even closer to those around us. It’s a certain kind of strength I think, to be surrounded by people whose stories you know, and who know your stories in return. I’m proud and grateful to live where I live, and glad,too, that my kids are getting to enjoy those old-time SweetHome community values.

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