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How Was Your Day, Dear? Baaaaad?~

I am absolutely, tee-totally ( as we say here in the South, PLUMB) wore out. That means tard. And no, I don’t mean tired. I mean tard. That’s a whole other kind of thing. After getting up at 5 am to make my drive to my doctor’s appointment, we arrived to the receptionist telling everyone that the doctor was not in, and that they did not know what had happened but apparently, “the computer” had forgotten to tell them to call and cancel everyone’s appointments or something. So, we had driven an hour and a half for nothing, we were thinking. But she says , “No. We will find SOME-body to see you. We are so sorry.” Well, turns out that the computer was crazy or the staff was or some such, because the doctor called and said , “I AM coming to work. Just as soon as I figure out what to do about my water heater that basically exploded all over my laundry room.” So she was laaaaate. Which wasn’t her fault, I understand. But then I needed an EKG and an ECHO that wasn’t scheduled, so of course that took a fairly long time to get worked out, or worked in, however you want to look at it, and then I needed to get set up for a holter monitor, and they tried to hook it up at the office, but the only one they had was defective, so I couldn’t get it today, they have to FED EX it to me, and then when I get it I will have to be stuck at home for a MONTH because you have to use a landline to record your “events”…………Whew. Did ya’ get all that ? Bwhahahahahahahaha………I finally got the giggles in the holter room at the hospital, because it actually just started to be funny! I mean really?!? You kind of just HAD to laugh. It was that or cry, and I figured , “Why waste a good cry on that?” 🙂 They didn’t however , monkey with my meds, which was good in one sense, (no new side effects), but sucky in another, (not feeling any better either), and their advice was just to rest, rest, rest. Good news! I homeschool, I have an 11 year old, a 13 year old, a husband, assorted chickens, 7 dogs, 2 lizards, one turtle, a tarantula, and at some points in time, a life…….Yes, let us rest, rest, rest. Anybody know how to do that? So, anywho, I got to thinking about something a dear friend of mine said once. “Just do the best you can, with what you’ve got.” Oh, AND….”From the day you’re born , ’til you ride in the hearse, things are never so bad, that they couldn’t be worse!” (((HUGS))) everyone!

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I Made It~ (to church that is….)

Well, I must brag on myself just a little bit. I made BOTH sets of church services today! Whoo-hoo! Now for those of you who might be new here to my blog, I will explain why that is exciting. (For me, anyway 🙂 I have been experiencing some not-so-fun effects of the lovely auto-immune disease I’ve got, called lupus. It has already attacked my heart causing all kinds of great things to go on , and NOW it’s decided that Hooray! Lungs sound good for a snack! Ugh. So bring on the chest pain, trouble breathing, and wheezing. So , anywho, needless to say, I have NOT been a very chipper camper lately, and haven’t felt much like going to church, ( go figure.) Which actually really sucks, ’cause I like church. I like going and seeing everyone, and getting a chance to visit with them, and just kind of recharge ya’ know? To kind of just sit down, and go “Aaaaaahhhhhhhh.” And when I miss that , because of not feeling well, it makes my world seem that much smaller. So to actually make two services in a day feels like a huge accomplishment to me! People who suffer from any type of chronic illness or disability will understand, I know. Hey, when going to the grocery store is GIANT check -mark on your bucket list , you ‘ll know what I mean. So, anywho, I have a cardi appointment tomorrow, which is kind of a drag, but what do you do? When the meds obviously aren’t working anymore, you have to switch it up. I just honestly hope I don’t get a whole big load of different things to add to my already lengthy laundry list of pills. Did that even make any sense? Lol….sometimes when I type something I have to look twice at it, to make sure it sounded like it did in my head. ( It’s a wild, wild, world in there, I’m tellin’ ya’. ) I guess this ended up really kind of a totally random post, but point being, I made it to church. So there. ‘Nite everyone!

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Ya’ Gotta’ Earn It~

I just read on YAHOO!news that the average allowance for an American child is $65.00 a month. That’s $16.25 a week. We’re talking middle-school age children. That’s the 8-12 year old set. Now, that was an average , so of course some children get less. But, that also means that some children get MORE. So my next question is, “For what?!?” The article mentions that they aren’t saving it, (DUH!) , so what does a pre-teen need with what amounts to a twenty dollar bill a week? I can tell you what for. JUNK. That’s right, I said it…..J-U-N-K. Wanna’ know how I know? I have an 11 year old, and a 13 year old. I’ll be right up front about it, too. They DO receive allowance. $10 a week per child. But , guess what. They have to EARN it. They each have a list of chores that have to be done in order to “get paid” on Friday. They jointly have to clean their room. One child takes care of the dogs’ care and well-being everyday, and one child takes care of the chickens. They both have to wash the dishes, and do their school work without complaint. IF they want an item that’s more than the $10, well tough noogies. They just have to save for it. Am I a mean parent? I honestly don’t think so. But before you judge, let’s not forget that in the real world, you work, or you don’t get paid. You do the work, and do it well, or you get fired. No job~ no money~ no groceries. If you want something that’s more than what you have at the time, you just have to save for it. When you grow up, as fun as it might be, in reality you CANNOT blow your whole check on video games. Do this long enough and you will find yourself in a serious state. I’ve had people tell me , “Well, they’re just little . You ought to let them just have that money.” Well, if I don’t teach them now, when will they learn? Heading out the door to their own home, thinking “whoo-hoooooo!” ? I don’t think you do your child any favors by indulging them in this way. They may be little now, but it is flying by , faster and faster everyday. I want my young ones to be prepared, ’cause if they’re not……..let me tell ya’ the real world will reach up and slap you smack-dab in the face.

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Agree to Disagree~

This is going to be a sensitive and controversial post. Let me say up front, I AM NOT writing this to offend anyone! I am not an in your face person, I am not a fanatic, and I support everyone’s right to their own opinion , no matter how different. Okay, with that being said, I posted what I thought was, a humorous story on FaceBook. It was about a scientist and God getting into a duel about creation , and who was better at it. God ends the conversation by saying the man must create his own dirt in order to start. It was meant to be funny. It was not meant to offend scientists. I do NOT have a personal vendetta against scientists. I do not wake up in the morning with the agenda of “How can I discredit scientists today?” I have always enjoyed the sciences and learning about the way the universe works. Nature, galaxies, even the smallest bug, it’s all fascinating. But, here’s the sitch. I’m a Christian. I believe in a literal 6- day , God created the world, and then He rested-type scenario. Why? ‘Cause the Bible says so. There ya’ go. But apparently, that makes me ignorant, narrow-minded, a fossil, biased towards scientists , and just generally an idiot. “Oh, but ALL the facts say that it couldn’t have happened the way the Bible says!” What facts? Can you get two scientific people to agree on a theory? They all have THEIR own ideas too! “Well, I think it happened this way!” “Oh, no, no, no. The evidence most assuredly points in the direction that I think!” , and that’s okay because it’s all “intellectual conversation” and they are “educated people”. But , you admit that you believe in the Bible and its version of Creation, and suddenly you’re a moron. Why is having a faith about something unexplainable so offensive? Why do they care? I mean , really , think about it. If I WANT to have an “irrational” belief , such as the ‘sky is green’, what am I hurting? So, I am not going to apologize for having faith in a BOOK that has helped me through a LOT more situations than “The Origin of the Species.” I’ll apologize for hurting your feelings , but NOT for how I think, or feel. It is still a free country. (For a while longer , anyway.)


Me, Myself, and I or ( Tell Me How Ya' Really Feel!)

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I had forgotten how much fun Plinky! could be. Today's question prompt was "What is your most favorite thing about yourself? "and "What is your least favorite thing about yourself?" Heh. Now THAT'S an interesting question! And the funny thing is , the answer to both questions is probably the same ! My favorite thing about myself is my outspoken-ness. I pretty much know what I'm feeling at any given moment, and I don't mind sharing it. I think the world could use a little more truth and a whole lot less "I was just being polite." As my friend Nan used to say, "Speaking the truth in love……;) But , my outspoken-ness can also be my LEAST favorite thing about myself. I sometimes speak without engaging my brain first. You know that filter that goes between your brain and your mouth? I don't have one of those. So sometimes, I hurt people's feelings. Even though I don't set out to do that on purpose. I have a really hard time hiding my feelings, although sometimes that would be a handy skill to have! So, if you don't want to know how I REALLY feel about something, don't ask! 🙂

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Raise Me Up~

Today I thought I ‘d post about a subject that has come up in conversation several times over the last few weeks. Friendships. Friendship is a wonderful thing. It’s awesome to have people you know you can count on no matter what. Who are there when the “chips are down” as they say. It’s great to have people you can call anytime of the day or night, and they will pick up and give a hand or a listening ear, if that’s what you need. I am blessed to say I have friends like that. But what I really want to post about is a little more difficult and complicated than that. It’s about when you have friends, but they are a negative influence on your life. And I don’t mean that in the traditional sense, as in ” drugs, alchohol or bad behaviours”. The people I mean are great people. They’re not dragging you into bank robbery, or anything like that. They are dragging you down in a whole other way. They suffer from the “negativity sickness”. You know exactly what I mean! The whole “My life is terrible! Why do bad things always happen to me? I’m sick. I’m tired. My dog ran off. My kids aren’t doing well in school. My job is stressful. The bills are due. We’re in debt. The truck broke down. Why does so and so have more money, a better house, a nicer car, and their kids have better stuff?” , and all this in a space of less than 5 minutes conversation. And I don’t mean this as a one-time occurrence. This is their normal. Now before you get upset with me, and say, “Well, life is hard! Maybe they have good reason to complain!” , let me say this. I KNOW that things are tough. I know life can be a struggle. But , some people NEVER have anything good to say. Their entire conversation revolves around how miserable they are. And this makes it very difficult to maintain a friendship with them. When you are chronically ill, you cannot afford to focus only on the negative. And I finally came to the conclusion, that I cannot afford to have people in my life whose only focus is the unpleasant. It really drags me down emotionally, which leads to being dragged down physically in my body. So this might sound harsh, but I have chosen to limit my involvement with people like that. Even though I love them, and wish them only the best. For my well -being, I have chosen to surround myself with people who are positive, and encourage me to feel the same. If you are struggling with this problem, try taking a few steps back from those who are causing you to sink into that negative place, and see if it makes you feel better! Stay positive everyone!

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Home, SweetHome~

We just got back from our community’s annual family potluck dinner.Our little community is called SweetHome and it is. We had a really great time visiting, and enjoying all the dishes that everyone had brought. Slow -smoked barbeque brisket, molasses baked beans, pasta salads, all kinds of fresh canned vegetables, just- picked okra fried up crispy, lemonade ice-box pie, chocolate cake, and water from the artesian spring, ice-cold. It was good to see some folks we hadn’t seen in a while, and catch up. And meet some new people too. I can honestly say it was one of the bigger turn-outs that we’ve had in a while for the dinner. I think it’s wonderful . As the economy and things seem to be so unsettled these days, I notice in our small community, we seem to be pulling in even closer to those around us. It’s a certain kind of strength I think, to be surrounded by people whose stories you know, and who know your stories in return. I’m proud and grateful to live where I live, and glad,too, that my kids are getting to enjoy those old-time SweetHome community values.