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So There!~

I went and had a hearing test done today. Let me tell ya’ , there’ s nothing quite like getting one of those to make you feel old, for sure. The audiologist was a very nice lady, and the whole test is painless , albeit frustrating when you’re doing it. You know , the whole “listen for the beep, and push the button” , but you just sit there like a dummy ’cause you don’t hear anything! I’m not sure the technician knew what to think about me , because I told her that my mother always said I’d end up in a padded room …….I thought I was being funny…..( you know they stick you in the soundproof booth to do the test!), but anyhow. My left ear was fine as far as hearing goes, although they think the bone in my left ear is “frozen” because it doesn’t “hammer” on the eardrum at all. The right ear however had nerve damage, and a large patch of scar tissue on the drum, and this is what has been causing my vertigo, and the oh so lovely buzzing in my ear. Plus , the hearing loss. So, just for kicks, let’s run down the list of fabulous things lupus will do to your body! I have cataracts, hearing loss, heart failure, I had to have a hysterectomy, an appendectomy, my gallbladder removed, 2 c-sections due to complications from the lupus, severe joint pain, everyday bone – chilling fatigue, vertigo, osteoporosis, gum disease, tooth loss, migraines, and did I mention my nerves are also somewhat shot? And I’m only 33 years old! But what are ya’ gonna’ do? It is what it is, and I am still six feet above ground despite all of it! So, even though before I’m 40 I’ll probably be sporting a hearing aid, a set of coke bottle glasses, and dentures……I’m still gonna’ be rockin’ what I’ve got! So……take that , lupus!!

2 thoughts on “So There!~”

  1. Good attitude! Trust me, I’ve been through hearing tests my whole life, and they aren’t fun to go through. Don’t let having to wear a hearing aid make you feel old, looks like you have gone through so much, and still have a good attitude. Good luck on life and hope everything works out how you want it to!

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