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The Creature from the CRAFT-room……….dum, dum, DUMMM…… :)

Our neighborhood is planning on having a garage sale on August the 4th. I’ve been trying to get my items gathered up, in preparation. Man. I knew I had a lot of stuff, but when you start to go through it , it dawns on you , just how much extraneous junk we gather into our homes and lives! Knick-knacks, clothing, toys, and of course in my case……books! Tons and tons of books. And magazines, and leaflets and all type of reading paraphernalia. Journals, and notebooks. And the craft material! Aaaarrrrgggghhhh! Where did I get all this stuff?!? Some of it I honestly don’t know WHERE it came from. And the more I dig, the more I find. It’s like it bred in there and became……the CREATURE from the craftroom……. Whew. If it doesn’t sell, I may put a big “FREE” sign on it. I need to minimize and organize. It may very well take until the 4th of August just to gather up everything. So, I guess I know what I’ll be doing these last few days of summer! Wish me luck!


1 thought on “The Creature from the CRAFT-room……….dum, dum, DUMMM…… :)”

  1. Lol I love to read! I literally read everything. I have a news feed that, runs from yahoo to bbc to google to womens news to, sports to, gossip columns. Lol.

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