About Me~


Well, I’ve been away for awhile. Not away from home , just away from my blog. I’ve not really had a good reason I don’t guess, just didn’t have much to say. Plus, I haven’t felt just spectacular, kind of like my tail feathers were a’draggin’. That’s a southern expression, meaning you feel kind of under the weather. I had a doctor’s appointment today, but didn’t really find out anything new. Don’t ya’ hate that? When you go, and they just tell you the same ole thing? Ugh. Anyhow. We finally got enough rain around here to make it seem like the world wasn’t burning up, although it was too late for our garden. We’re hoping to get some compost and work in it so maybe next year it’ll do some better. It was a “pleasant” 99 degrees out today! 🙂 Heh. Meaning at least it wasn’t 105 or 106 like it has been! Well, I haven’t got a whole lot to say today, I hope this finds you all having a good one, and the sun shining just right , wherever you are!

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