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Ohhhhhh….the sound of rain! It has been SO dry here lately. We’ve had no rain, in combination with triple digit temperatures for awhile now. Let me tell ya’, it’s been rough. I told my hubby I felt bad for all the cows I see with only a little mudhole of a pond left to drink out of. I know they’re animals but I can’t help but think, “Eww. I couldn’t drink that.” All my dogs just lay in front of their fans with their tongues out. I wonder if that is why they are called the dog days of summer? Anywho, we’re getting things back into a routine to try to get school started back up again. Cue the booing and hissing from the youngsters, lol. I know people probably think I’m mean, but by the time the end of July rolls around my kids have done and seen everything they can, and are “Bored out of their minds!” to quote my 13 year old, so starting school almost seems like a welcome relief. I can understand their thoughts though. I was never a huge fan of school, and summer was my favorite time of the year. Endless days( seemingly!) of horseback riding, swimming in the river, and lazy evenings in the hayloft with a favorite book. Of course, maybe I was younger , but I don’t remember days and days of 102 degree weather then, though. But when we look back onto our childhoods we can’t help but see ourselves through those lovely rose colored glasses of youth! Well, I guess that’s my ramblings for today. I’m still enjoying the sound of the rain on the tin roof, and hearing my garden make that sweet sucking sound………….”SLUUUUUUUURRRRP!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhh……water!” Hope this finds you all blessed today….thanks for stopping by!

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