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There is a strange condition sweeping the world these days. It causes discontent, unhappiness, strained marriages, and confused children. It’s a terrible state of being. It’s called FB Envy. Otherwise known as , FaceBook overload. You know , when you see all your friends pictures and statuses such as, “Went to Disney World! Had a fabulous time!” or ” Tanning on the beach in sunny Cali! Too bad you can’t be here!” or how about, “Went shopping, and scored some major deals on clothes at Kohl’s!” . Then there are the children’s pictures. “Check out my new iPod! Just got the latest from the ‘rentals and it’s cool!” or ” How ’bout these wheels mom and dad just got me! Major, right?” Everywhere you look someone is posting something about how great and awesome their life is. Their jobs, their homes, and even their vehicles are filled with the hippest , latest, and most expensive everything.
Now I’m not saying that family vacations are wrong. I’m not saying it’s not nice to want good clothes, or a really fancy car. But , I can’t help but wonder? What is the motivation behind the wanting of these things? Is it because it ‘s REALLY a better product or service? Or is it really because we want to rub it in our neighbors or friends faces? As in , “Look where I’m going, and what I’m wearing.” That whole “nyah,nyah,na , nyah , nyah” preschool mindset. It’s not good enough that we have a reliable car that gets us down the road to where we want to go. It’s not good enough that our children our clean and presentable. No. It has to be “THE” best brand, “THE” ‘it’ item. And for what?
Being on FaceBook has really opened my eyes to this issue. Yes , it’s great that you went on vacation. I’m happy for you. And no. I’m not just jealous . We could take a vacation like that. It’s just the “MANNER” in which it’s presented on FaceBook.
There are those who are homeless. Hungry. Hurting. Without sufficient care for themselves or their loved ones, and we feel “put out” if our home has only one bathroom. Seriously? We have indoor plumbing, running water, a roof over our head, a bed to sleep in, clothes to wear, freedom of worship! My dad and his family lived in a house once when he was growing up that in the winter ,the snow drifted through the cracks onto the beds while they slept. In the past , 10 people might have lived in a house the size of the one in the picture above, and been happy to have it.
I just came back from 3 days of church camp, and the statements that I heard some of the young people utter, blew my mind! Talking about $100 dollar shoes, and $300 dollar telephones as if that were nothing. Griping because they had to share the bathroom, or the showers.
I guess it made me realize that if THAT is how the young generation feels about money, and the many, many gifts we’ve been given, and if we can’t be ANY more grateful than that? Maybe there’s a reason our country is in the shape that it’s in. Just sayin’.

2 thoughts on “FaceBook Envy~”

  1. thank you for this post! I will be discussing the media generation in my next post! Is there any way I can direct my readers to this post as supplemental reading!? Thanks! I agree emphatically with what you speak of!

    1. Wow! Thanks! Feel free to mention my blog therubybutterfly.wordpress.com or copy and paste my URL for it. What a great compliment! Have a great day! 🙂

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