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Culture Shock~

I am soooooooo behind!!! I have just finished 3 weeks of nonstop activity. We had youth fishing derby, then I did ALL the crafts for 50+ kids at VBS for four days. then we took the youth group to the water park, and THEN we packed up and went to the BOGG Springs youth camp, for 3 full days of fun, services, and fellowship. It was hot! 100+ degrees every day, but I actually made it okay. I was very worried if I would be able to keep up. but I think I did alright. The worst part was waiting in line for meals outside, but with my medical conditions, they made it okay for me to go in and sit and then go first in the line. I don’t usually try to use my illness as some type of advantage, but they insisted. Seems like the kids had a good time all around. My oldest son really had a blast and can’t wait to go again next year. I will be better prepared for next year, so it won’t be so much culture shock, lol! It had been about 23 years since I had gone to a church camp. I had to remind myself of how to pack and get everything organized. I enjoyed the fellowship of the other counselors in the dorm, and listening to the teenage girls get around in the morning. By the last day I was there the girls from the other side of the cabin were coming to me for clothes and boy advice. I don’t have daughters so it was a nice (different) experience.
I was however , kind of shocked at the level of disrespect shown by many of the children. The speech and behavior was something I was not prepared for. For instance, I would never have told an adult to “Mind your own business, I am 17. YOU go worry about the little kids.” , or while I was speaking to a child about inappropriate behavior, have the child look away, and say, Is this conversation OVER?!?” with all the eye rolling that entails. And the behavior itself! Stealing, lying, immodest clothing, and outright rebellion. And these were the bigger kids. You expect them to kind of be past that , and showing an example to the younger ones. It was really an eye-opening experience for me.
But all in all, I don’t think it was a terrible outing. I learned a lot , and hope some of the things I said as a counselor made a difference to someone. So, other than exhaustion, a little bit of extra sun, I survived intact. I hope we can work the kinks out, because I’m sure the kids are going to want to go back next year! Now I’m back to blog for a little while, or at least until our next adventure!


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