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Golden Oldies~

You know how people talk about the good old days? Well, I just had kind of an interesting thought. Today’s moments are tomorrow’s good old days.
I ‘ve had one of those days today. I got to go to a car show with my kids and family today. I really enjoyed having my Daddy there with me , too. He’s kind of an old car expert, so it’s fun to hear him tell about the first time he saw a car like that, or “I had one of those in ’65 . I gave $400 dollars for it.” They had a lot of totally awesome vintage vehicles from the ’40s, ’50s , ’60s and even a few dating from the 1930s. All those great American Heavy Metal cars with the swooped hoods and fenders like art. Chrome and whitewall tires. Of course, to complete the retro feel , they were playing all that great golden oldies music from the 1950s “diner” era. It was enough to make me wish I had a poodle skirt and saddle shoes! 🙂 My boys, (11 and 13) had never seen so many different kinds of great cars. Each one seemingly cooler than the next! It was all…..”Ooooh….that’s my favorite! No, wait , THAT’S my favorite!!” I think it will definitely be one of those memories for them. I can hear them telling their children now, “I remember the first time I saw that model car…….it was back in 2012 at the car show, with MY Grandpa…….” It will really be THEIR version of the good old days.

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Home Again~

I need the feel of the warm sunshine on my face. The sound of the birds , waking up to find their own breakfasts. The smell of the tomatoes in the garden , after the rain. I visited our biggest city for a doctor’s visit, yesterday. We were early so we toured the grounds, and found the outdoor garden with the waterfall and pond. There were trees and birds. But , in the background, steady, was the sound of a metropolis. The car horns, the people talking, sirens, and over it all the constant , rushing drone of traffic. I felt bad that even that the small bit of nature there was overwhelmed with such a large amount of noise. I understand that there are people who love the hustle and bustle of a big city. The choices of restaurants, shops, and modern conveniences is a huge draw, I’m sure. But to be so far from the earth, with cement and glass all around? I have to say , I find it extremely unsettling. I can’t imagine living my daily life in a place like that. It all seems too sterile somehow. It’s as if there is a surplus of people , but a deficit of humanity. I was grateful to get back to my little house in the “sticks”. To walk barefoot in the grass again.

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It’s Mother’s Day!
Hope you are having a great one. My husband gave me some money to buy the new denim skirt I’ve been needing. Plus, I got a pair of desperately needed “nice” sneakers to wear to church. My husband in his great wisdom has discovered it is MUCH better to just give me dinero and say, “Here. Buy something you need/want/like. ” Smart man. 🙂
In honor of mothers today, I would like to broach a subject that is close to my heart. The stay-at-home mom.
I am a stay-at-home , homeschooling mom of two. I know that in this day and hour this might seem to be a radical position to some. I have gotten a lot of criticism from folks who think that it is wrong or strange for me to feel like my place is in the home. This negative feedback mostly comes from “working” mothers. I put that in quotations because to assume that some mothers are “working” while others “stay home” as if it were a vacation is a very wrong assumption. ALL mothers WORK. It is what we DO. Please do not follow up my statement of , “I stay home.” with “You don’t WORK?”. If you followed me around all day while I am “just SITTING at home.” you would see.
I guess this criticism bothers me on a personal level because I make it a habit to NEVER tell mothers with outside jobs I think they are wrong for working instead of staying home. I would never dare to assume I know what is right for them or their family. It IS a free country, thank goodness. Everyone has the right to do what they feel is right for their own children. But, mothers who would raise up their voices in protest if I were to say such a thing and proclaim their rightness, do not seem to hesitate to tell me , “Why do you stay home?”, or “Don’t you get sick of being around your kids , all day, everyday?” , or even more offensive, ” I guess you don’t believe in women’s rights, huh? Are you a barefoot and pregnant kind of person?”
Why is their choice to have an outside job perfectly okay, but I’m in the wrong to want to do differently? Why is it offensive to them that I choose to stay home with my children, and educate them myself? Why is such a horrifying thing to “not mind” being with my boys all day? I guess I just don’t understand. Maybe my choices aren’t the same as yours, but I wouldn’t presume to tell you you’re wrong. We might be very different in our approaches, but our motives are the same…….to raise our children the best way that we know how. Live and let live. Just sayin’.

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From Now On~

Happy Mother’s Day weekend to all moms out there!
If you gave up high heels and makeup for sweatpants and scrunchies, if you gave up breakfast in bed and sleeping late for Froot Loops and early Saturday morning cartoons, if you gave up date nights for two, and long romantic evenings for crowded family table dinners and an even more crowded queen -sized bed , I salute you!
If you know that sometimes kisses ARE just as good as band-aids, and that chocolate milk can sometimes be even better than the two combined, you know what REAL motherhood is all about . If you ever catch yourself wishing for banana baby food kisses, and a small , bald drooly man, you’ve been a Mom.

If you ever felt like strangling your kid, while inside feeling secretly proud that they out-argued you, you can count yourself blessed.

If you have been burped up on, cried to, had eyes rolled ( supposedly covertly!) at you, been made to feel old, had your hand held during a scary movie, dealt out boo-boo cream and popsicles at the same time, ever heard the words, “I’ll do it myself!” more than once in the same 10 minute time frame, been insanely nervous, and totally confident all at once, then Congratulations!! You’ve joined an exclusive club. Once you’re a member , you can never be evicted. For once you are a mother, you will always BE a mother. You can be divorced, and not be a wife, you can be fired , and no longer be employed. But once you are a mom, you are a mom for eternity.

Thanks to all the great moms out there, keep on, keepin’ on!


So That’s Why!~

Wow. We had QUITE the storm last night! You know yesterday I said it was muggy and oppressively hot? Well, turns out, that was some kind of a harbinger , I guess. About 5:30 pm here yesterday it got completely dark outside, major wind blew through, and some serious sounding hail. It lasted til about 6 :15.( Ohhhh, so that’s why it was 90 degrees in May!) We didn’t get any damage, thankfully, other than a lot of limbs knocked out of the trees, but our power was off and on for an hour or so. There was a report from a friend of mine whose husband is a lineman with the power company, that there were 1100 outages reported from our area. My sister and brother in law had a tree fall on their living room, but they were all okay, thank the Lord. My mom and dad were camping at the lake in their RV, (of all things!!) , when all this was going on. I guess they’re a lot braver than me! I’d have probably huddled in the campground bathroom waiting it out, before I stayed in the camper!
Not sure what the effect of all that hail is going to be on my fledgling garden. I’ll have to go over and check it later, I guess. It’d sure be a shame to have all that good rain, and then for the hail to have beaten my plants down ! Well, anywho. That’s the way it is, I suppose. We take what comes, and deal, lol. 🙂 I hope this finds everyone snug as bugs where ever you are!

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Well, it’s been a few days since I’ve been here. Spring is in full swing here, and the humidity and heat is already oppressive. I told the hubs, I remember when it gets this way, why I like Winter. The heat, and added humidity make my bones feel terrible. It really isn’t anecdotal. (Isn’t that the word that doctors use?) I can tell anytime it is going to rain, snow or anything like that. I used to kind of look skeptically at old people who claimed that their “bones” were hurting them and it was going to rain. Not anymore. Since the lupus has come along I’ve found it to really be true.
On the good side, we got our garden planted and the rain has been just right for growing so far. Last year , it rained so much at first, you couldn’t get anything planted. Then it was so dry and hot that everything burned up nearly straightaway. We planted 12 tomato plants, and all season reaped 3 sad looking tomatoes. So, hopefully , this year the weather will all even out and we will enjoy our harvest of fresh veg.
How about at your place ? Are you gardening this year? Has the weather been to suit you?
I hope today finds you all feeling well, and enjoying the weather whatever it might be! 🙂

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Left Behind?~

I just read a disturbing article on YAHOO! news. It was about how Victoria Beckham accidentally left her son , when she was supposed to be taking him to school. She remembered his backpack, his lunch, and everything, got to the school and realized she had forgotten her son. How does that happen?!? And the thing is the article was accompanied by other mothers saying they had done the same. At the store, the church , or the mall. I was flabbergasted. I mean , really?!? How do you not know where your kid is? I know when they get older you have to let them go places on their own, but when they are little? I might be overprotective, or paranoid, but I guess I always thought it was my job to keep my children safe. Bad things happen everyday to people who are careful, how much more so to those who are not? It only takes a minute for someone to hurt, or even abduct your child. And you may say, “Well, we live in a small town , and that would never happen.” But you don’t know. There are wicked people everywhere. And I don’t mean that to sound all “gloom and doom” but I only get one chance to do this parenthood thing right. I guess the more I thought about this article the more aggravated I got about the whole thing with Victoria Beckham. I had thoughts like, “Do you not talk to your son on the way to school?” , “Do you not notice the car is quiet?”, “Where was the child at when she left him?” , it just really made me wonder about people these days. I dunno, I guess I always thought my kids were part of me, and I would never leave part of me just laying around somewhere. “Oh, geez, I left my arm back at home. Oh, well.” I don’t think so . My boys mean more to me than just something to accessorize with. Just sayin’.